Wipro’s objectives:

To acquire Hexa’s assistance in providing IT support, HRO, technology support and consulting assistance for their ongoing CER project in Indonesia involving giant telco operators like Telekom Indonesia and XL Axiata.

Hexa’s challenges in meeting those objectives.

The lack of IT experts in Indonesia to tackle IT setbacks makes hiring only Indonesian employees, an unsuitable move. Hexa had to hire resources from out of Indonesia, mainly from India, based on Wipro's fixed term requirements or Wipro's fixed term employment policies. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Hexa's team in Indonesia had to work from home for a year and a half while not losing sight of fulfilling Wipro's demands.

Important considerations by Hexa

While heralding the core principle of ‘Never Saying No’ to client’s demands, Hexa’s team had to ensure every business transition and current market prices were shared with Wipro to uphold communication transparency. The team had to be well-versed with the ground reality and market demands in order to tune-up Hexa’s system in par with Wipro’s requirements.

The solution

Hexa supported Wipro’s foreign and local employees by providing immigration and mobility services, covering their visas, payrolls, local compliances, social security, taxes, in addition to providing them legal and financial account consultations- all in accordance with the secondment agreement between Hexa and Wipro. Hexa maneuvered swift recruitment processes, from India to Indonesia, for Wipro to match their vacancies.


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