Bank negara Malaysia

Client’s objective

Hiring a team to set up their cloud system (Center for Cloud Excellence Project). The client aimed to hire candidates with expertise in cloud infrastructure, security, networking & architecture as well as additional support staff.

Hexa's challenges in meeting these objectives

Initial prices and salaries discussed with the client were not on par with candidates’ expectations. Software engineers were demanding a much higher pay. Hiring locals was a challenge as they were either not interested in contract roles or did not readily have the skills required by the client. BNM being a government organization prioritized hiring locals, and with the MCO, hiring foreign workers was also a hassle.

Important considerations made by Hexa

Hexa aimed to provide effective alternatives to ensure the client’s needs were met. The client seeked Java developers with Joget integration experience, and there was a very small number of people in the country who had these skills. Hexa looked deep into their database in search of a skilled Java developer who could then further be trained by BNM. The recruitment team also invested in thorough research on the IT related roles required. With a range of Java
developers available, it was essential that we found the best ones to meet the client’s requirements.


Constant communication with the HR manager of the client company ensued to get the best understanding of the positions required. Negotiations were made when needed - candidates that did not have the required academic qualifications, had the skills to do the job. Hexa prioritized looking for candidates that possessed 2-3 key skills that were most important to the client. Managing expectations was a key part in solving these issues. This was successfully negotiated with the client.


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